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About Us

About Us

Value. Commitment. Integrity.

The key ingredient to the success of Eminence Maintenance & Building Services is the strength of our team and the emphasis we place on the three words above: value, commitment, and integrity. By keeping these three words in the forefront of our approach, we ensure that each customer contact is a stellar experience. Read below to learn more about how this focus is reflected in our exemplary team.

noticed a recurring theme from customers and in her own experiences, and she realized that there was an opportunity to develop a service company who could achieve two goals: The first was to provide competent, exemplary service where the problem is handled correctly on the first contact. The second goal was to provide exemplary customer service during each phase of the service interaction, from the first phone call to the end of the service visit. Out of these two goals, Eminence Maintenance & Building Services was born, and over the past ten years Eminence has built a reputation upon placing these two goals at the forefront of  every connection we make. We view these two goals as more than just a lucid dream, but a strategic business model. By completing each job to perfection, it increases customer satisfaction and allows our technicians to enjoy their work. Our focus on customer satisfaction gives us the benefit of enjoying a high rate of customer returns and referrals. This not only allows our company to maintain a healthy stance in the industry, but it also creates a family-like atmosphere when dealing with clients we've known for years. Wait no further - contact us today and experience the Eminence Maintenance & Building Services difference for yourself. 

Eminence Maintenance & Building Services, LLC, was conceptualized out of a necessity to fill a niche in the service industry. As a tenured professional in the private sector, our founder


At Eminence Building & Maintenance Services, LLC, we strive to fill our ranks with individuals who understand and promote our core values. We are proud of our workforce, which consists of a diverse makeup of individuals who are passionate about putting each customer first. Our employee base is made up of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences in the areas of HVAC, building maintenance, project management, sales, marketing, strategic planning, sales, marketing, and customer service to name a few. We believe that when we treat each employee with value and care, they will pass these values on to each client and customer alike. For over a decade, this philosophy has enabled EMBS to enlist the #1 building maintenance workforce in the region, and we look forward to hearing from you so that you can experience the difference at Eminence.




The mission of Eminence Maintenance & Building Services is to provide professional quality facility services to each customer, while keeping in mind the crucial need for cooling and cleanliness at your place of business. 


Eminence Maintenance & Building Services was conceptualized on a solid foundation and sound core values that will forever guide this company: Exceptional Service; Promptness; Talent in Workforce; Integrity; Polite Atmosphere; and Always Working to Establish a Delightful Company to Client Relationship.   

Our Leadership

Executive Leadership 

Sina Avery
President & Founder

Ms. Sina Avery, President & CEO of Eminence Maintenance & Building Services, LLC, has been instrumental in leading the company in a positive direction. As a female minority business owner, she fully understands the need to treat each client as if it is the only project she has.  "I know that there is a lot of competition in the building maintenance industry, and that's why I make sure that we go above and beyond for each customer we service", says Sina. Her work ethic has been the driving force behind EMBS' high rate of customer satisfaction and return.

Ms. Avery is a graduate of Rutledge of Washington School of Business, and holds a certification in Data Entry/Administrative Assistance. She boasts an impressive resume which includes over 25 years in the private sector; she also has a strong background in sales and marketing. Sina is very passionate about her entrepreneurial endeavors, and believes that EMBS has not yet reached its full potential. "We have experienced consistent year over year growth, and I am excited about the many opportunities we have before us in the upcoming year", said Sina. There is no doubt that she will continue to drive Eminence Building & Maintenance Services, LLC to the pinnacle of success.

Antonio Avery
Managing Member  
Deryk Beck
Lead Project Manager

Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

The staff at Eminence Maintenance & Building Services, LLC is a group of hand-picked individuals who bring a unique set of skills and expertise to our organization. We are confident that our team is well equipped to handle your building & maintenance service needs with precision and stellar execution. Learn more about what our clients are saying, and please don't hesitate to Contact us directly with any concerns.  We look forward to making the team at Eminence Building & Maintenance services into your team! 

Mr. Deryk Beck, Lead Project Manager of Eminence Maintenance & Building Services, LLC, is known for his hard work and his zealous pursuit of success. He attributes his success to his philosophy of always being accountable. "If you point the finger, 4 fingers always point back at you, so I try to be accountable at every level and never pass the buck", says Deryk. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Eminence, with over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry.  


Mr. Beck is a graduate of Montgomery College and received his certification for Electrical Mechanical Apprenticeship. Deryck's areas of expertise includes his multiple stints as Project Superintendent for new construction projects, HVAC and plumbing with building properties of over 300,000 square feet, installing HVAC ducts, ventilator fans, exhaust fans, setting Lievert units, and various other pieces of HVAC equipment. Mr. Beck is also proficient at supervising large crews of various sizes and ordering and maintaining equipment and materials for large projects. 


Mr. Antonio Avery, Managing Member of Eminence Maintenance & Building Services, LLC, offers a welcome compliment to the EMBS management team. He takes pride in his ability to help steer the company in the positive trajectory it has experienced over the past several years. Mr. Avery has over 30 years .


In addition to his tenure in the industry, Mr. Avery is a graduate of National Association of Power Engineers with a certificate of completion in Steam Boiler Operations and Master HVAC first class. His experience has led him to work directly with major private, commercial, and government establishments as the Lead Engineer for companies including Nations Bank, Bank of America, and Baxter Pharmaceuticals to name a few. He has also maintained and operated high pressure steam boilers, centrifugal chillers, rooftop unit replacement services, and VAV control boxes and building energy control systems. Antonio is very excited about the direction of the company, and predicts that EMBS will continue to evolve in its product and services line over the next decade.


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