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EMBS has a stellar reputation for conducting high quality HVAC and building system installation jobs in the private and commercial sector. We take pride in installing only high quality products and systems, and we do not consider our job done until our clients are 100% satisfied. All of our technicians are expertly trained in a wide variety of techniques regarding heating, air conditioning, safety, and overall building systems and maintenance. Contact us today to learn how we can support your next installation project. 

We only use and trust top quality brands to ensure that your property is safe and comfortable at all times.

"When my air conditioner died on me during the height of the summer, EMBS saved the day by showing up quickly to resolve my problem. Not only did they do a super job, but the new AC unit blows cooler than ever and actually helped me cut my cooling costs. Thanks Eminence!"

Owner, RMA & Associates, LLC

Common Air Leaks

During an installation visit, we commonly uncover areas where air seeps out of the home or office and causes a strain on your heating and cooling system. We often recommend solutions to assist our customers in increasing the efficiency and performance of their system, and this includes creating an environment which is conducive for avoiding drafts and leakage. Areas which commonly allow air to leak out include:  

  • Attic Hatch

  • Wiring Holes

  • Recessed Lights

  • Furnace Flue

  • Basement Rim Joists

  • Windows and Doors

Information provided by EnergyStar. More information can be found at

Ask Your Technician to Check Your Property For Air Leaks

During Your Installation or Service Visit.  

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